Brunel Group are proud to be a leader in the industry on environmental issues. As the insurance industry and public alike become increasingly aware of environmental issues, Brunel is being recognised for it’s longstanding commitment to sustainability.

Brunel Professions (one of the Brunel Group subsidiaries) is also the first specialist professional indemnity insurance broker to offset emissions from our business activity and the rest of the Group are following suit. Brunel has committed to a quarterly assessment of its carbon footprint and offsets the emissions through Pure, the clean planet trust, including all travel and commuting by staff, as well as office power consumption.

In addition, we have taken key steps to become totally paperless environment, which include; removing all office printers, paper files, office cabinets and moving its IT systems into the ‘Cloud’.

“Climate change is a massive issue for the insurance industry and we believe all businesses have a responsibility to play their part in addressing the issue and we are taking a leadership role, specifically in the Professions broking sector to begin with, but with an initiative to take this Group wide in the near future. Building our business on a sustainable basis is also an important commercial decision, reducing costs and giving us a real competitive advantage.”

“The lesson environmental change has taught us is that everybody’s behaviour makes a difference and small changes can create big effects. All businesses can easily change some small things they do, which will make a huge difference to carbon emissions and the planet”

Modern Slavery

Brunel Group does not engage in any employment practices that are defined as Modern Slavery in accordance with the 2015 Modern Slavery Act.

Brunel’s work staff are highly trained, many with qualifications and come to work at Brunel off their own free will. Our employee contracts have market standard notice periods should an employee voluntarily resign or should Brunel wish to terminate an employees’ contract.

We have rigorous vetting processes for all suppliers which includes modern slavery. We do not have any suppliers that employ staff with unacceptable working conditions as defined by the Act.


Socially, we want to make sure that we give something back to the communities within which we operate and to help those who need support. We do this through national fundraising events, volunteering work and sponsorship. In addition we annually support different charities and are active all year round with fund raising.

Through our Bristol Rovers partnership, we are regularly donating to the Bristol Rovers Academy, supporting youth football within our community. With every new client introduced to Brunel Insurance Brokers, 25% of our income is donating back to the Academy.

In 2020, we have donated a large sum to community centre The Park in Knowle West, Bristol. This donation will help provide the local community with new and improved centre to visit, supporting the continuation of many community clubs, care services, the local café, charity work and much more. Alongside this, Brunel strive to support many local community and charity causes each year through events, donations and fundraising activities.